Atlanta Galleria Group
Emergency Procedures

Weather Emergencies

Weather related emergencies include tornadoes, high winds, lightning, flooding and ice storms. For general information on preparedness, go to and type in zip code 30339. Make sure you determine two locations where you can shelter in place away from all glass or potential flying objects in case of a tornado warning.

Your smart phone or computer can give you quick and accurate information on severe weather in the area, so if you see threatening weather, consult your favorite weather app or local weather channel.

Security Operations is always staffed and is available to provide information about the road conditions on the property. Ice storms are incredibly difficult for walking or driving so prepare in advance to ensure your safety.

Please take a moment to watch the video below for more information on how to protect yourself from extreme weather.

We hope that you gather useful information from our website and encourage you to watch the video segments pertaining to various emergencies. Also included on our website is the Emergency and Security procedures manual and an Emergency Warden video encompassing the major emergency procedures utilized at the Galleria.