Atlanta Galleria Group
Tenant Services


The Galleria office buildings participate in a Single-Stream recycling program. This is the most comprehensive recycling program in the market, enabling tenants to maximize recyclables and minimize the amount of landfill space utilized, all with very little effort. Virtually all trash can be thrown in a desk-side container with the exception of food waste and food containers, which should be disposed of in designated "WET TRASH" containers located in break rooms. For detailed information regarding our recycling program, please contact your Property Manager.

Recycling and wet trash containers in tenant suites are emptied nightly, Monday through Friday, by the janitorial contractor. In order to dispose of trash other than that which is in the wastebaskets (i.e., boxes), please mark the item "TRASH." Please do not leave items that are not trash on top of wastebaskets. To arrange for disposal of office equipment, computers or furniture, please call Property Management at 770-859-1250.