Atlanta Galleria Group

Fire Safety

If you smell smoke or discover a fire on your floor, activate the manual pull station closest to you and leave the floor immediately via the nearest stairwell. Pull Stations are located near the stairwell doors and are activated by pulling the handle in a downward motion. Please check the pull stations in your building to understand how they operate and to become familiar with their exact locations.

If the alarm is sounding on your floor, leave the floor immediately using the closest stairway to exit the building.

Please be aware no live Christmas trees, live wreaths or garland, or burning candles are permitted in the buildings due to the fire hazard they present.

Please watch the video below for more information on fire safety.

We hope that you gather useful information from our website and encourage you to watch the video segments pertaining to various emergencies. Also included on our website is the Emergency and Security procedures manual and an Emergency Warden video encompassing the major emergency procedures utilized at the Galleria.