Atlanta Galleria Group

Elevator Malfunction

Although rare, in the event you are in an elevator which stops between floors, or which stops and the doors will not open, do not use force to open the doors and never attempt to evacuate an elevator which is not at floor level. The following procedures should be followed:

  • Contact Galleria Security via the emergency elevator intercom or telephone system. Galleria Security is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.
  • If the intercom or telephone does not work, try your cell phone and call Security at 770-955-6198.
  • Provide the officer with your full name, company and elevator cab number (located inside the elevator cab). Be prepared to give information regarding events which occurred just prior to the elevator stopping.
  • Maintain open communication lines with Security until you are instructed to do otherwise.
  • An officer will be dispatched to your location, and the elevator service company will immediately be called to release you.

Please report ALL elevator problems or concerns to Property Management at 770-859-1250.

We hope that you gather useful information from our website and encourage you to watch the video segments pertaining to various emergencies. Also included on our website is the Emergency and Security procedures manual and an Emergency Warden video encompassing the major emergency procedures utilized at the Galleria.