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Each building includes a complimentary conference center for tenant business use. Each room is equipped with a digital speakerphone, free access to WIFI service, and a DSL internet connection. A television, VCR, DVD player, overhead projector, coffeemaker, ice machine, and other equipment are available for use in each conference center. To reserve a conference center, please call Property Management at 770-859-1250.

Download a PDF of the Conference Center Rules & Regulations

Conference Center Rules and Regulations

  1. Conference centers are available in the Galleria 100, 300, 400 and 600 office buildings for tenants to reserve for business use. Due to the limited availability of conference facilities, we cannot allow the rooms to be reserved for personal use (including birthday parties, showers, "Mary Kay"parties, etc.). For reservations, please call Galleria Property Management at (770) 859-1250. Once availability has been determined, a written request must be submitted to Galleria Property Management either by email to or by fax to (770) 859-1253. You will then receive a written confirmation from Galleria Property Management. No reservation shall be considered confirmed until a fax or email verifying the reservation is sent to the tenant by Galleria Property Management.
  2. The size/configuration of each of the Conference Centers is as follows:
    Galleria 100 Conference Center (11th Floor) Chairs: 12 upholstered / 8 stacking
    Galleria 300 Conference Center (1st Floor) Chairs: 14 upholstered / 20 stacking
    Galleria 400 Conference Center (1st Floor) Chairs: 18 upholstered / 10 stacking
    Galleria 600 Conference Center (1st Floor) Chairs: 16 upholstered / 10 stacking
  3. Tenants may schedule conference centers up to 60 days in advance. Each tenant may reserve only one conference center per day. No tenant may reserve any conference center or combination of conference centers for more than two consecutive days.
  4. Be sure to reserve enough time for your meeting, including time needed for set up and clean up. Meetings that run over the scheduled time will be asked to honor the reservation schedule.
  5. If you do not plan to use a conference center for which you have a reservation, please notify Galleria Property Management so that we may cancel your reservation and make the center available to other tenants.
  6. Access to conference centers will be provided by the lobby security officer at the time of your reservation.
  7. A TV, VCR, DVD player, overhead projector, and flip chart or marker board are located in each conference center, as well as a digital speakerphone, free access to WIFI service, and a DSL internet connection.
  8. A coffee maker and icemaker are available in each conference center for tenant use.
  9. No furniture or equipment (i.e., TV, VCR, erasers, chairs, overhead projector) is to be removed from any conference center at any time. All furniture and fixtures must remain in place. Conference tables are not to be taken apart. Any stacking chairs that are used must be returned to the storage closet upon completion of the meeting.
  10. Please refrain from taping charts, etc., to artwork or directly to the walls.
  11. The tenant will be responsible for cleaning off the table and placing any trash in waste receptacles after the meeting. If the conference center is left in a messy condition, the tenant will be charged a minimum of $50.00 for housekeeping services.The conference center direct dial telephone numbers are as follows:

    Galleria 100 (770) 818-4319
    Galleria 400 (678) 744-0374
    Galleria 300 (770) 818-4322
    Galleria 600 (770) 818-4361